Wellcome to the Aryabharati.org
(A division of AISHVAR)
An Open source for Vedic Knowledge, Study and Scriptures. 

There is no knowledge without Guru (Master),
Only meaningful Books are our true Masters,
since they are the gate of Knowledge,
knowledge is the only source of Power,
Power opens the door of Freedom,
Freedom leads us to the Bliss and Will,
Bliss and Will is the inspiration for enlightenment.

To the world of Vedic Books, found to be the most rich in knowledge.
Oldest available scriptures in the world are the Vedic Scriptures, which are available here including VEDA itself.

What is it that you can have which:
Can not be Stolen?
Can not be taken?
Can not be divided?
Can not be paid?
Can only be given with your own will...